Bringing lessons to life.

Our team is comprised of life-long learners on a quest to expand our understanding of the subjects we share, new art forms and new ways of storytelling. It’s fitting that our work brings us to educational institutions and initiatives, to elevate their endeavors in shaping lives.

Indiana Safe Sleep

In Indiana, sleeping-related accidents are reported as the No. 2 cause of infant deaths. In partnership with Brush Art Corporation, our team created a video campaign for Indiana’s Safe Sleep Program to promote safe sleeping habits. Both inspiring and heartbreaking, this emotional educational effort is filled with lessons intended to help others.

Family Testimonials

Social Campaign

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

When the University of Nebraska-Lincoln wanted to showcase agronomic work at its West Central Research and Extension Center, they came to Grant Company. Video interviews and footage were developed into two impactful segments that showcase the university’s innovative cropping systems and efforts to advance young agriculturalists.

Research & Extension Center Opportunities

Benedictine College

When Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, opted to host a virtual Scholarship Ball, we were honored to turn their vision into reality. This hour-long program takes viewers to the heart and soul of this historic educational institution — its students.

Scholarship Ball Program