What started it all.

Livestock production is the heart of what we do. Our team traces its roots back to the world’s largest beef breed registry, and we are honored to have worked for the world’s largest dairy breed association from the very beginning of Grant Company. Our advertising, communications and public relations efforts extend across all animal species, and include topics like animal welfare, genetics and stewardship.

Holstein Association USA

In 2017, we began working with Holstein Association USA – the world’s largest cattle breed association – to produce and launch the television program, Holstein America, one of the most recognized and successful full-length ag programs on network television. From quarterly publications to social media content, we consider our ongoing communications work with HAUSA to be one of our greatest honors.

Holstein America TV Program

The Pulse Magazine

Social Media Campaigns

Print Campaign

Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association

When people think Texas, they think beef. Grant Company proudly provides custom publishing services to one of the industry’s oldest and most respected organizations, the Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. Our team develops editorial and graphic design for The Cattleman magazine, which is printed on a monthly basis and distributed nationwide.

The Cattleman Magazine

Cattle Raisers Convention & Expo Coverage

Beef Quality Assurance

The Beef Quality Assurance program raises the bar on animal care, stewardship and beef quality. Grant Company has a longstanding commitment to telling that story, and we help celebrate the nation’s dedicated livestock producers with compelling videography and photography.

Livestock Marketing Association

Every summer, North America’s best livestock auctioneers gather to compete in the World Livestock Auctioneer Championship. We are proud to work with the Livestock Marketing Association to produce a full-length television program of this esteemed event, one of agriculture’s most popular broadcasts, which supports the entire livestock marketing sector.

Vista - Merck Animal Health

In 2018, we worked with Merck Animal Health to develop a complete video, radio, print and digital campaign for Vista® vaccines. We ventured across the country to capture stories of ranchers, feeders and dairy producers to develop assets showcasing how this respiratory vaccine line protects their animals and their livelihoods.

Print Campaign

Video Campaign

US Livestock Genetics Export

Our work with U.S. Livestock Genetics Export Inc. helps to connect the livestock community around the globe. A combination of print and video materials in multiple languages promote and inform international buyers about the value of U.S. livestock and genetics.

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