Authenticity in Motion

Explore our cinematic originals representing a diversity of stories and individuals who share our commitment to authenticity. Our videography is a testament to our mission to inspire others “to do.”

Mini Docs

At Grant Company, we bring to life the extraordinary journeys of individuals, communities and organizations through thought-provoking storytelling. These real-life narratives offer a glimpse into unique experiences, shedding light on inspiring stories that leave a lasting impression.

"Tracing America" TV Series

Join historian Cory Lesmeister as he travels the countryside to uncover hidden narratives in the TV series, “Tracing America: Uncovering Our Forgotten Stories.” Each episode brings important historical U.S. events to life in the modern-day places in which they occurred, offering a fresh perspective on our American history.


In our quest for ingenuity, we have crossed paths with many faces and places with stories too good to be left untold. These feature segments reveal the interesting people, places and things that hopefully inspire viewers to try something new.